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Bringing a Baby to Disney

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Many people say that they would rather wait to bring their kids to Disney for many reasons, but the main reason I hear is

"they won't even remember it."

Although this may be true, what's also true is you'll remember it.

Imagine your child's first steps on the hub grass in front of the castle. That's a memory you'll never forget.

--This is my dad holding on to my son teaching him to walk--

You'll never forget the look on their face when they see their favorite character for the first time. The memories you make with them are also your memories.


Getting Your Baby to Disney

If you're going to fly and have limited things to bring with you because of luggage weight requirements, I suggest packing light. And I know how difficult that is for a baby/toddler. Especially if it's your first.

I'm here to tell you, they don't need all of those toys. Here's what we did:

Diaper Bag:

Pick 2-3 small toys

Snacks and food for the day

Obviously diapers and wipes

Changing pad for public restrooms

2 changes of clothes

Tip: Don't fill bottles until you get through TSA. It was not a big deal that I had pre-filled the bottles with formula, but it did take longer to get through security.


On Southwest Airlines, the lap infant (who is under 2 years old) is not allowed a checked bag. Bummer. However, you can pack their clothes in a carry on. You're allowed a carry on and a personal item per person for free. When checking in, they did not count how many carryons we had; so do with that what you will.

Southwest also allows you to bring a stroller free of charge. You just turn it in right before stepping on the plane. Be sure it has a luggage tag on it.

Tip: Be sure to check your specific airline's rules and guidelines for luggage.

My fiance only used one of his two allotted 50 pound bags, so I was actually able to use one 50 pound bag for my son. And I over packed it of course.

But, in that bag I had:




all his clothes

too many shoes

bath supplies


baby sunscreen


Since I had the weight allowance, I was able to bring all of his baby food and formula powder in the checked bag.

Tip: If you find that you don't have the space or the weight available, you can always make a grocery order and have it delivered to the resort or hotel for a fee.

Sleeping Arrangements

So you've successfully made your way to your hotel, and you ask where will I put my baby down for a nap or to sleep at night?

Once you arrive, you can call or go to the front desk and request a roll away crib. They will have housekeeping bring you a crib with two extra sheets.

This was so convenient to have.

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